Friday, May 28, 2010

My First character Bento "Kyara-Ben" in Japanese - Totoro Onigiri

I have been fighting with a bad cold (delaying my posting). Here are some of my creations from last weekend.
I finally did something very Japanese - making character bento "Kyara-Ben" in Japanese. I found a "how-to" on-line cooking site to make Totoro character onigiri (Japanese rice balls).
Used Nori (sea weeds) and sliced cheese to make this onigiri. Two "Makuro Kurosuke" - a character from My Negihbor Totoro movie and Totoro. Oh, yes, I made sure to remove cheese before eating with meat dishes.

I need more practice, but my princess recognized Totoro shape immediately and excited about them :-)

Here is lunch for my princess last Sunday:
  • Totoro character onigiri
  • Miso soup with tofu and vegetables
  • Boiled Kosher franks and broccoli
  • Apple sauce for dessert
Stan and I had "regular" triangle shaped onigiri for lunch :-)

Here is breakfast from last Sunday:
I had a few slices of bread that began to dry and harden. To hard for toast or sandwich - well, let's make yummy French toasts!
Mix milk, egg, vanilla extract, sugar - soak (yes, soak!) the bread slices (I used my homebaked challah for my princess), and grill on a non-stick pan with low-heat. Cover with my warm banana maple syrup - mmmm, yummy. Golden brown, warm, soft with the egg custard - Stan and the princess loved them!

Here is breakfast from last Saturday:
I wanted to make donuts for my pincess for a long time. I did not buy from a store. I purchased a donut baking pan and made some homemade baked donuts. They are very small - cute!!! There were some leftover donuts batter, so I baked in muffin cups. Ingredients: organic flour, aluminum fee baking power, organic cane sugar, vanilla, eggs, soy milk. Definitely healthier than store-bought ones and tasty! Stan - five, Princess - three! Yummy.

Happy child after yummy breakfast.

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